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Melissa Hayes

Photographer and Owner

I began my photography career as a seventeen year old high school student, while zipping around Northern California in my cherished 1974 Volkswagen Bug, spending most of my time carting supplies and prints to and from my school’s photography lab. Although many things have changed since those early days, including a move across the country to North Carolina, my love for photography – and my Bug – have remained.

Little did I know that teenage experience would translate into a lifelong passion for capturing fine art images through my boutique-style custom photography studio. Over the last 15 years, I have honed my skills for the purpose of creating high-end, fine art portraits for my clients. My expertise lends both to private indoor settings and natural lighting outdoors.

I specialize in using my art to commemorate once-in-a-lifetime moments with classic silhouettes – customized portraits that have a timeless feel to transcend trends and open a doorway back in time for you to experience those cherished moments again and again.

If you love gorgeous maternity silhouettes and those sweet, squishy, swaddled newborn baby shots, my custom studio will be a perfect location for your session.

Portraits become art, which in turn become treasured family heirlooms. These document our lives, not only to grace and color our walls in the present, and not just for their ability to transport us back in time. Beyond reminding us of how we felt in that moment, portraits also serve to communicate the importance of family.

I have built my business around this: using my patience to wait for the perfect moment, in addition to my creativity to tell the story of your family through artistically-styled, fine art portraits, both for your home now and also for future generations.

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